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Pratthana Kindergarten is located at 41/79 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan 77110. The construction of the school began on 17 November 2002. After the construction compieted the school was approved and received permission from the Ministry of Education for teaching children from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten 3. The school started it’s first semester on Monday 3, November 2003.

School  Philosophy
Learning with happiness. Enjoy gaining knowledge. Morality within mind.

The school arranges the teaching activities according to The Early Childhood Education Curriculum B.E.2546 of the Ministry of Education.

Teaching Direction
The school arranges the learning and teaching activities according to the Early Childhood Education Curriculum of the Ministry of Education B.E.2546. We emphasize the children’s ages. We arrange the learning experiences in order that the children can learn with happiness and will be ready to go into primary school.

The Arrangement of the Learning Environment.
The school has a warm environment, that is shady and safe. It is an environment that contributes to learning. The children feel happy and enjoy creating all kinds of good activities.

Kindergarten Levels
Pre – kindergarten.
Kindergarten 1 to 3.

Primary and Secondary Levels
Pratthana Kindergarten and Somtawin Witead Suksa Huaymongkhon School ( have the cooperation in sending the children who graduated Kindergarten 3 from Pratthana Kindergarten to Primary 1 at Somtawin Witead Suksa Huaymongkhon School by the exception of entry fee in the first semester at Somtawin Witead Suksa Huaymongkhon School.

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